Experiments, with repetition, have a way of becoming standard operating procedure, not ho-hum exactly, but not as exciting and different, not as challenging. Lately (2019 - ), playing with alcohol inks on a variety of surfaces has been really liberating, seeing just what the medium can do.  Earlier, with acrylic, I initially used it thinly, very much like watercolor, but then also very thickly … all in the same time period (2016 - ).  I’ve experimented with pastels and collage, while also doing watercolors. Painting with thinned acrylic (lately on raw canvas … very different from watercolor paper) has, for me, now moved into the mainstream  (see Atmospheric).

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Original art by Ruth E. Hurd

New York, NY

917-952-5135 - ruth.hurd@gmail.com

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