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A Falling Tree

Embracing my emotions... letting the paint flow loosely, less precisely...


My watercolors (and then acrylics) began moving toward abstraction - became more about patterns and repetition, focusing on the essence and feeling of the memory.

Yet, the subject matter always varied.  I have loosely arranged them into ten different collections.

A Lakeside 8.jpg

After moving to acrylic and abstraction, I wanted my paintings to be looser, vaguer, without giving up the subject.

Go with the Flow Lo 255.jpg
Water & Space

It's always changing. Start with one and end up with the other.  In the end, the painting defines itself.

C Explosion III.jpg

The archival footage of the atomic tests in the Pacific was riveting and unforgetable.

Dancing Pirate Lo.jpg

By definition, things you try that don't last are experiments (everything starts as an experiment).

Iceland Blue Lo.jpg

Iceland itself was abstract.  And it continues to provide inspiration.

Reflections of NZ Lo.jpg
New Zealand

Conveying movement continues to challenge.

Socotra III Lo.jpg

Friends are invaluable.  They provide (among other things) encouragement, perspective, and inspiration.

Misty Morning 92.jpg
Italy / Sicily / Tuscany

Beautiful scenery (beaches, salt flats, sunsets, Mt. Etna) some of it expected, much of it not.  But all of it begging to be painted.

Chobe Evening 92.jpg

So much of Africa defies expectation. Many go to see the animals.  I went (and will return) for the spectacular scenery.

Lago Del Toro 92.jpg
South America:

Chile and Argentina, huge and hugely varied, in terrain, culture, weather, you name it.  From the cities to the glaciers, the Andes (southern Alps) to the pampas, huge ranches to cosmopolitan coffee bars, Chile and Argentina are fascinating.

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