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Flamingoing Lo 213_edited.jpg

Picking the subject matter and eliminating the extraneous, understanding composition, learning to control the paint ... these early lessons took years to master.

And then I wanted to loosen it up and not be so precise. That journey continues in my Abstract section.

Much of the inspiration for my representational paintings came from where I was, the places I visited.

Denali View Lo 061.jpg

Alaska was one of my earliest painting inspirations: beautiful watercolor landscapes. 

Lunchtime  Lo 092.jpg

Paintings of the various Asian countries I've visited show my movement from representational to abstract watercolors.

Santa Barbara Mission Lo 071.jpg

Paintings inspired by trips to California also show the movement from representational to abstract watercolors.

Flight to St Barth Lo 004.jpg
Caribbean / Central & South America

My paintings here run the gamut from a very representational flamingo to birds of paradise flowers that look like fish.

Miami So Be Lo 436.jpg

From 2001 to 2010 some of my best representational watercolors were about Florida.

City Snow IV.jpg
New York

New York has provided endless inspiration, both urban (NYC) and rural (Upstate), and it's sometimes hard to tell which is which.

Red White and Gray Lo  536.jpg
Still Life

Complicated set-ups at the Art Students League and apples on a porch have all provided inspiration.

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