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Nothing's Wrong

Nothing's Wrong

After the quarantine, it was my first day back in the studio at the Art Students League and I knew exactly what I wanted to paint. I was so happy to be back with the easels, the other artists, the instructors, the smell of paint ... everything.  The League is so special.  I'd brought all my supplies back to my locker the day before.  I was more than ready.


Once all my paints, brushes, canvas, etc. were set up on my table (I paint flat usually) ...  I was going to paint the clouds coming down to meet the horizon, the setting sun showing through the low trees ... Oops.  I'd inadvertently left some of my key paint colors at home.  No problem.  I'd simply change the sky colors  ...  but then some of the other colors weren't going to work (like the yellow for the sun, or the green for the trees). 


You know what?  This painting was going to be like all the others.  Once the first stroke is down, it takes on a life of its own.  The painting tells you what to do next.  As an artist, you just have to be prepared to listen.


And I like the end result.  Nothing's wrong.


2021   Acrylic on unstretched raw canvas     Size: 16" x 20"



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