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Fall Morning

Fall Morning

Flipping through some old photographs, one caught my eye (no explaining why I was attracted to it this time, when I'd passed over it many many times before). I moved a couple of trees around, changed the colors ... and voilà!  Oops, somehow I had a lot of fixing to do and a lot of layers to add, before I was happy. 


Painting with water-thinned acrylic on raw canvas is very unforgiving.  You can't simply paint over a mistake, because you can always see through to the layer(s) underneath.  Instead you have to subtly paint over part of what needs to be changed, while leaving other parts alone.  And then you have to do it again, but differently.  And then again... You get my drift.  It's why I usually work on more than one painting at a time.  While I wait for one "fix" to dry, I can work on a different painting with different problems.


2023     Acrylic on unstretched raw canvas       Size: 18" x 24"

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