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This is a "waste not want not" story with a vengeance.  An unknown artist at the League threw out a painting.  After watching it next to the garbage bin for a couple of hours, I grabbed it.  Waste not want not (my mother would have been so proud). 


After gessoing over the previous artist's work (it really was pretty terrible, so I understood why it had been tossed),  this is what somehow developed.  I didn't have anything particular in mind, just the colors I wanted to use.  Since I was working on gessoed canvas, not my preferred raw canvas, I dug out the bristle brushes and started putting in the sky, then the rough water (rocks) and the wind.  Now, it reminds me of the white water rafting I used to do long ago. Fun and scary.  I miss that carefree adrenalin rush.


2021    Acrylic     20" x 20"

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