Watching the water billow up next to our boat on the lake in New Zealand was the inspiration for this and four other paintings, none of which ended up looking particularly like water. Many years of painting watercolors yielded to experimentation with using fluid acrylics like watercolor on watercolor paper. This painting has over 15 layers (washes of a variety of blues and white). Once each layer is down and dried, the painting has to be evaluated to determine what comes next. Somehow the painting takes on a life of its own. "This evokes in me a feeling of depth, of passing through space (or water) to something unknown. The mystery of something unknowable and larger than life never fails to grab me."


2017     Acrylic on watercolor paper     Size: 16"x12"


    Original art by Ruth E. Hurd

    New York, NY

    917-952-5135 -

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