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Sometimes paintings are torture to produce, other times they just seem to create themselves in record time. This is one of the latter. I had just finished a series of paintings based on my memories of New Zealand, each of which took a lot of time and effort. Looking back on them, I wasn't happy. Scheduled to meet with an artist friend of mine for our weekly critique session, I was concerned that I didn't have anything to show her. With less than an hour to spare, I put out a piece of Yupo (plastic) paper, dug out my rubber wedge and a tube of Cad Red Medium and put the first strokes down. Tired of pretty pastel colors, I looked for something I thought wouldn't go with the red ... and pulled out a really old tube of Deep Magenta. With that down, I again looked for an unattractive color and picked Yellow Ochre. The only thing left was to add black and repeat some of the other colors to pull it all together.


2017      Acrylic on Yupo      Size: 14"x11"

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